How it started - The history of this passion in collecting...
began at a flea market in Offenbach/Main in 1983 wher I fond my first Allegro Blade Sharpener.

The following year I found another Allegro and at the flea market in Wien I got my first Rollfix, with many more Razor Blade Sharpeners following. In addition to that I began collecting Razor Blade Banks. The most recent collectibles for me are lithographed Shaving Soap Stick canisters made of metal or bakelite.

Now I´m selling a lot my razor Blade Sharpeners and my whole „Barber Collection“ is for interested byers. Expekt the ballde Banks and Shaving Soap Tins.

Now I have asmall collection of Cigarette Rolling Machines (CRM). I´m looking further for this nice machines mainly from the French factory LEMAIRE. Please take alook under the pitures of „CRM“